Our Story

Allie Keast Jewelry was born out of a life-long love of shell collecting, geology, rockhounding, thrifting and pondering how and why the things that exist in this world came to be. We honor these objects, heirlooms and specimens that may otherwise be overlooked, and invite others to see them in a new light. With a deep appreciation for the ephemera of the earth, our pieces transform these oft-neglected curiosities into modes of self-expression and treasures to last a lifetime.

Our Team

Allie N. Keast

Head Jeweler

Allie is a Santa Clarita, CA native. During her younger years, she and her family rooted in a quaint town outside of Boston, MA. Allie later went on to attend Massachusetts College of Art & Design, where she graduated with a BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing, with a focus in Lapidary (stone cutting).

Started in January 2020, Allie Keast Jewelry emerged as a creative means to capture and transform the many beautiful elements that surround and influence us. Inspired by her love of collecting ephemera; jewelry making has facilitated her desire to give these findings a new life.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted to last, using hand sourced and recycled materials from all over, but predominantly from the Northern East Coast.

Allie's work has been featured in Milano Jewelry Drops, MassArt and the Fuller Craft Museum. You can catch her at various Artisan Markets selling her work throughout New England.

When Allie isn't at her bench, you can find her scurrying the New England sea shores for lost shells and stones or lounging with her cat, Herkimer. 


Located in Framingham, Massachusetts, our studio is housed in Saxonville Mills, a local studio space that was once a wool mill and a carpet factory. We love having visitors in our open, sunny space, whether you're taking a lesson or just stopping in to say hi.